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USWE PATRIOT 15CB protects both your back and your gear when bombing the steepest hills or shredding the roughest terrain. This pack gives you total confidence with its multi-compliant CE-certified SAS-TEC central back protector (SC-1/CB52) made of flexible viscoelastic foam with memory effect that returns to its original shape after  impact or  deformation. With a lightweight design, 15 liters of cargo and armor carry, it keeps you fully prepped, protected and hydrated, without cramping your style. The PATRIOT 15s 4-point harness secures the load on your back with a bounce-free, optimized fit. Shoulder pressure is minimized by suspension straps and while the elastic  chest straps allows full body movement and breathing capacity. The airflow back panel AeroGus  increases air circulation  with  strategically  designed foam ridges. Few back protector packs are currently equipped  with hydration systems, but the PATRIOT 15CB is fully equipped with a high-performance Shape-Shift 2,5 liter hydration system. A smart attachment system secures your helmet and pads to the pack, while  tools, bars and  first-aid kit go in the organizer compartment. Theres even a water-resistant pocket to keep your smartphone dry in wet conditions.

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USWE Patriot Hydration CB15 med indbygget ryg skjold

  • Vægt 973g *inkl. protector *eks. bladder
  • “No More Dancing Monkey” stroppe teknologi
  • CE-certificeret central ryg skjold fra SAS-TEC
    • (CE-certified according to EN 1621-2:2014 Level 1 impact performance for motorcycling, cycling, mountainbiking, snowboarding and skiing. Extreme forms of these sports not covered)
  • AeroGus ryg panel med foam bølger for ventilation
  • Twin port exit for tube fra H2O-kompartment
  • Shape-Shift 2,5L hydration system (*3,0L unzipped baffle)
  • Monterings system for: hjælm (xc, trail& full face) og beskyttelsesgrej
  • Intern nøgle klip og lomme
  • Organizer rum (bred åbning)
  • Vand resistent smartphone lomme
  • LED lys montering
  • Reflective point: for og bag
  • Multi-justerbare: M-XL (*Junior: XS-M)
  • Unisex pasform
  • Med forbehold for ændringer og fejl.

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Vægt 1.2 kg
Størrelse 15 × 7 × 7 cm

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